Motorcycle Section

Hello to all you fellow motor cyclists. If you ride a small bike, big bike or scootor. British -- European -- American -- Japanese -- and would like to ride in the  company of other enthusiasts, some with a great many years experience then this is the club for you.     

We have a rolling 30yr rule, so the cut off date at the moment is 1986. We  always have a guest speaker at our meetings  who can be a motor cycle or car racer for example . or any number of interesting speakers. Motor cycles that have been on display in the past  vary from a 1898 Roper steam bike, through British, American, Japanese and German machines . Racing motor cycles displayed have been Manx Nortons  Matchless G50, Velocette 350,  BSL 500  Britten 1000,  Yamaha 350 and a selection of forgoton era 1980's Japanese motorcycles.  And the most powerfull  machine ever brought to the club rooms, Athole Williams home made Drag Bike of  1500cc 4cyl super charged  1500 BHP - the 4th fastest bike in the world which clocked 6.1 sec, 250mph, standing 1/4 mile.

We have 3 runs in the month that you can participate in.  The motor cycle run (held on a Sunday), the mid week tourers (held on a Wednesday)  and the club run open to all vehicles, again held on a Sunday.

If you have any problems with your bikes there will be some one in the club to help you.  Also by being a member you will be able to insure your bike through Vero at a very low and competitive  price.  Attendance at our  meetings are between 60 to 80 likeminded people.  Our library has a large selection of books, manuals, Dvd's and videos on motor cycles and their related sport.

So  think about joining our clubs motor cycle section. Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday from 2pm to 4.30pm with after noon tea. On a sunny day we get around 30 bikes in car park.

Now if you don't have a club eligible bike (yet) don't worry you're  still welcome to come along on a modern - there are a lot of members who own both.

So if this sounds like you give me a ring on 092336382 or 0274454593  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Martin Spicer, Motorcycle Co-ordinator